There are two options for resetting the Display. You can either erase the memory or reset the network. For either option, first unplug the Display’s power cable. Then press and hold the left and right buttons while reinserting the power cable.

The Display will first ask if you want to erase the memory, ‘RSR?’. Select ‘Y’ (left button) to erase the memory, or ‘N’ (right button) to keep the data. Next the Display will ask ‘N/W?’. If you want to unpair all connected devices (Smart Plug, Transmitter and Bridge if you have a Web Pack) select ‘Y’, or ’N’ to keep them paired. Finally the Display will ask if it should be a Master (MST) or a Slave (SLV). Select MST using the left button. The Display will then ask you to reconfirm the date and time. If you chose to reset N/W, you will have to pair the Sensor, Bridge and Smart Plugs again, one by one. Resetting the network is what you’ll have to do in the very rare event that two neighbouring Ensemble systems have chosen the same network ID.