Please choose your sensor type from below:

CT (Current Transformer)

With a Current Transformer Clip your Ensemble needs to make a number of assumptions to calculate the kW readings it shows you. If you think the readings are inaccurate you can recalibrate your Ensemble from the C-Factor subcategory of the settings menu.

The C-Factor (calibration factor) is set to 1.00 by default. It can be adjusted in increments of 0.01 from 0.5 (-50%) to 1.5 (+50%).

To work out whether your Ensemble is over or under-reading you can run a small test:

  • Take a reading from your electricity meter in the morning at a time when there is not much load on in your house and note down the ‘today’ reading on your Ensemble. 

           eg. Meter reading: 00324.5

           Ensemble: 1.500kWh


  • Wait at least 10 hours. During this time use your household appliances as normal. Do not run this test over night! 

  • Take another reading from your electricity meter when there is not much load on in your house note down the ‘today’ reading on your Ensemble. 

          eg. Meter reading: 00332.5

          Ensemble: 10.150kWh

  • Work out the difference between your electricity meter readings. 

          eg. 332.5 – 324.5 = 8

  • Work out the difference between your Ensemble ‘today’ readings. 

          eg. 10.15 – 1.5 = 8.6

  • Compare the two readings and work out the calibration or correction factor. 

          eg. Meter reading / Ensemble reading = Calibration Factor

          8 / 8.6 = 0.93023


Round up the calibration factor to the nearest 100th and adjust the C-Factor in the settings menu to match.

eg. 0.93

With an LED sensor the Ensemble should always match the meter. If it does not you may have the wrong pulse rate set on the display.

To check the pulse rate, search for the rate on the front of the meter. It is usually located near the pulsing light/LED and will look similar to: 1000 imp/kWh. Now on the Ensemble display go into the menu (hold the middle button). Press the middle button a few times until Pulse rate is displayed – this rate should match the one on the front of your meter.

If this does not fix the issue or the pulse rates already matched, there could be a problem with the light from the pulsing light/LED on the meter reaching the sensor. Try re-seating the LED sensor on the meter ensuring it sits directly over the light.