Activating the transmitter

The transmitter comes with batteries pre-installed, the protective battery tab needs to be removed to power the transmitter and activate it.

  • Slide open the transmitter by pressing the cover release button on the back and pulling the cover upwards

  • Remove battery tab to turn on the transmitter 

  • The LED will flash to indicate the transmitter is powered and has entered pairing mode. Once the device has paired, the LED will turn off to conserve the batteries.

  • If the LED transmitter fails to successfully pair, remove and reinsert the batteries to start the pairing process again. 

    Attaching the LED sensor

    The LED sensor ‘reads’ the pulsing LED that is on the front of your electricity meter.

    1. Find the pulse output on your electricity meter, make a note of it as you will need this figure later - usually shown as imp/kWh (the first image below).

    2. Stick one half of the square velcro around the pulse output on the meter.

    3. Stick the other half of the velcro onto the LED sensor.

    4. Stick the LED Sensor onto the velcro on the meter, ensuring that the geo logo is facing you.

    5. Insert the other end of the LED cable to the bottom of the transmitter.

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