Pairing the LED transmitter to the Hub

If your transmitter did not pair successfully with the hub when you took it out of the box, try removing and reinserting a battery from the LED transmitter. This will cause the LED transmitter to go back into pairing mode. If this does not work then follow the instructions below.

Follow the steps below to pair or re-pair a device/s to the Hub:

  1. Ensure you have entered the pairing code/s into your app (the app will walk you through this process).

  2. Put the device into pairing mode by pressing and holding the device’s pairing/reset button for at least 4 seconds, the LED on the device will start to flash.

    Location of pairing code and pairing button for the LED transmitter

    To locate the pairing code and pairing button for the LED transmitter follow the instructions:

    • Slide open the transmitter by pressing the cover release button on the back and pulling the cover upwards

    • The pairing code is located on the front of the device

    • The pairing button is also located on the font of the transmitter (Button A).

  3. Once the device has successfully paired, the Hub Link status LED on the Hub will turn solid green and your device is now paired. If unsuccessful, please repeat the process.