When the Hub is reset or updating the firmware

During the Hub reset or updating the firmware, the LEDs will behave as shown in the table below.

LED BehaviourMeaning
Both LEDs alternate red flashing
The Hub has been reset.
Both LEDs alternate green flashing
Hub firmware is being updated, please wait.

Normal operation

During normal operation the LEDs will behave as shown in the tables below.

LEDLED BehaviourMeaning
Check the power supply to the Hub.
No device/s paired to the Hub.
Red (flashing)
Pairing failed, please try again.
Device paired, but out of range, or batteries need replacing.
Amber (flashing)
The Hub is in pairing mode and waiting to pair with a device.
Normal state: The Hub is connected to a device/s.
Green (flashing)
The Hub successfully paired device/s.
The Hub is unable to connect to the broadband router, check the Ethernet cable or network access.
Connected to the broadband network, but unable to get an IP address. Please check your router.
The Hub is unable to communicate with the online cloud service. Check your network connection or contact your service provider.
Green (flashing)
The Hub is ready to connect to the app.
Normal state: Connected to the online cloud service.