In order to complete the setup of the LED transmitter within the app, there are two pieces of information that are required:

  • The number of LED flashes per kWh (usually denoted as imp/kWh)

  • Your energy tariff

Without both pieces of information the app will not correctly show your electricity usage or cost; the app will warn you if you have not entered either of them.

The app needs to understand the pulse rate of your meter so it can accurately produce your readings.

This will be the IMP/kWh Pulse rate number that is printed on the front of your meter, it will likely be near where you apply your sensor. 

Once you have this to hand, please enter it into the app by going to More Menu > System Settings > My Devices > *Select the 3 dots for your transmitter* > Device settings > Enter both your IMP/kWh and tariff details and select save.